3 Tips from Dallas Experts on Installing an EPDM Roof

In Dallas, there is a lot that a team of experts can help you with, even if you don’t call them in to install a new roof for you. With DIY roofing, things can easily become challenging, and you might at least need help and advice from a roofer, so you can get the work on your project moving.

Priority Roofs of Dallas

Here are 3 essential tips on DIY EPDM roof installation that Dallas experts will always tend to point out:

  1. First of all, the roof deck preparation is very important when it comes to setting up a new EPDM roof. You have to be careful that the deck is clean and free from impurities, as the alternative can lead to a lot of problems once the EPDM material is in place.
  2. Most EPDM Dallas experts, like those found at Priority Roofs of Dallas, will immediately point their attention to the adhesive you’re using. When installing an EPDM roof, it is extremely essential that you make sure you’re using an appropriate solvent based bonding adhesive compound that is especially designed for EPDM roofing and that is labeled as a “high strength” adhesive.
  3. Many DIY enthusiasts fail to consider the roof perimeter trims when installing an EPDM roof, and that’s usually where corners are cut and prices are lowered. However, local Dallas experts will point out that attention to detail is very important here, and that you have to get the best plastic coated metal or PVC material for your perimeter trims.