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Frequently asked Questions

How does a NDL warranty benefit my business?

We offer No Dollar Limit (NDL) Warranties on a number of different products we install. The warranties are provided through the product manufacturer and require their approval before it is released.

The manufacturer will perform a final inspection after we have completed our work. Once approved, they will send the property owner an NDL warranty guaranteeing that if the roof leaks for any reason, workmanship or product failure, the manufacturer will fix the problem.

What does the Workmanship Warranty mean?

We place warranties and no leak guarantees on all of our full roof replacement and full roof restoration projects. If it does leak within the specified time frame, we will fix it for free.

Our standard workmanship warranties range from 10-years to 30-years depending on the type of system and application used.

*We do not typically place warranties on repairs except in cases where the scope of work is extensive.

How does a Product Warranty protect my roof system?

Every product we install includes a free product warranty whether an NDL is purchased or not.

Therefore, in the event that there is a product problem or a workmanship issue you will be fully covered during the life of your warranties.

Product warranties usually range between 20-years and 50-years.