Dallas Stone Coated Steel

What is stone coated steel?

Made from a variety of manufacturers such as Perma-Lock, Classic Metal Roofing, and Inter-Lock, Aluminum Roof Systems have been around for over 100 years, and are designed to last forever. With the advantage of a superior hail and wind rating along with never rusting or bio-degrading, we believe that these systems are a far superior product over their galvanized steel competitors.

What are the benefits of this type of system?

  • Wide range of styles gives your home the look you think will make it look its best
  • Unmatched durability allows the roof to last a lifetime without cracking or warping and will look beautiful for years to come
  • Low maintenance makes this roof system an affordable option for its entire lifespan
  • Metal roofs are an energy efficient option since they reflect radiant heat from your home effectively lowering cooling cost

Why should I choose Priority?

Here at Priority Roofing, we take pride and passion in being one of the top experts in the different types of high end roofing systems

From clay, tile and slate, to standing seam and stone coated steel, to synthetic and hail proof systems, we take a massive amount of pride in being the standard that the industry follows. In fact, if you hire another roofer, there is still a very realistic possibility that we will be the ones performing the work as a subcontractor for the roofing company you hired. 

We offer a minimum 20-year warranty and no leak guarantee on all designer roof systems that we install; No Dollar Limit 

When we install a high temperature ice and water shield underneath the roof system as the underlayment, we offer a 30-year warranty and no leak guarantee; No Dollar Limit

All repairs that we perform on your existing roof system come with a minimum 5-year warranty and no leak guarantee wherever materials were installed; No Dollar Limit. 

All products that we install come with manufacturer product warranty that guarantees the product will last for a minimum of 50 to 75-years. 

Certain designer systems that we install come with a hail warranty from 2” to completely hail proof, and a wind warranty that ranges from 110 mph to 170 mph. Ask us about these designer systems. 

Stone Coated Steel Installations

Dallas Designer Stone Coated Steel

Metal is a popular material used for construction. However, it doesn’t always fit the property style. This is why stone coated steel is offered in various colors and styles.

Stone coated steel roofs have become more popular. Many houses in Dallas Fort Worth are coated with this material. It’s not surprising, considering how many advantages coated steel has over other roofing materials.

What Is Stone Coated Steel?

Stone-coated steel roofing includes decra that looks like tile. It is a material with high durability. It’s usually made of asphalt shingles that make it long-lasting, but also low maintenance.

The main difference between a stone coated metal and a metal roof is that stone coated metal can be shaped as traditional shingles. However, it cannot be damaged as easily as a typical shingle. Stone coated metal is covered with a thick layer of stone, thanks to which it gets its decorative look.

Roof with Style

You don’t have to settle for dull, gray colors. You can adjust the color of the shingles or even pick the shape of the tile. Thanks to this, your property is going to look exactly as you want it to. There is no reason to resign from beauty and style for quality when you can get it all.

Bring the style of your property to the next level: call construction workers in Dallas Tx today, and let them design a beautiful roof for you.

Advantages of Stone Coated Steel Roofing

There are many reasons why so many people reach for a stone coated steel roof. The material is strong, which means it cannot be easily damaged. That makes your roof long-lasting. Thanks to its durability, you might never need a new one. This roofing material is also lightweight, thanks to which it doesn’t put too much weight on the construction.

Protection from the weather

In North Texas, you might experience heavy rain from time to time. This is why people often wonder if metal roofing is loud during a storm. The truth is that roofing stone coated steel is not louder than any other type of roof. A metal roof can even distribute the noise, so you can enjoy the soothing sounds of the rain.

It’s also proven that a coated metal roof can resist heavy winds. If you live in an area where the wind easily reaches 120 mph, choosing a metal roof is a great idea.

Easy Maintenance

If you don’t have much time for maintenance, you’re going to be happy with a stone coated steel roof. To take care of your roof, you just have hose clean the decra tile from dirt.

Price to Quality Ratio

According to popular belief, each metal shingle can cause a lot of heat inside the house during summer. That is a common misconception. Metal roofing reflects the sun and doesn’t absorb it as much as, for example, dark asphalt. Thanks to this, every shingle protects your house from UV rays and hot weather.

UV Protection

If you consider the installation of a stone roof on your house in Dallas, Texas remember that a stone coated roof might be more expensive in comparison to other materials. However, over time, thanks to all the advantages this type of roof can offer, you are going to notice that you pay a fair price. The roof can quickly pay itself off over time.

Any Shape You Want

As mentioned before, tile on the roof can be shaped in any form. That means that you can create a shake in a way that is going to add beauty to your residence. Very often, people love a wood shake: it’s simple, yet adds a rustic vibe to the house. Today, however, this type of shake might be impractical, especially in places like Dallas Fort Worth. Wooden tile has a very low fire and wind resistance and makes the shake vulnerable to any more extreme weather conditions. You don’t have to resign from the design that you love. Contact people who can create the shake that you dream of, with the color of tile you choose. Today, with stone steel, it’s easy.

Create a Real Beauty on Your House with Special Shingles

If you are living in Dallas Tx, call professionals that can help you install your new roof. Gerard is one of the most popular brands that produce stone coated steel roofing. Make your decision today and contact construction workers to help you with the installation of a new roof.