Elements of A Modified Bitumen Roof

The requirements for each correct roof construction are complex. The quality of the materials and workmanship significantly determines the service life of the entire roof structure.

Bituminous membranes – a good solution for waterproofing flat roofs

Bituminous membranes are a category of construction materials frequently used for waterproofing buildings. Specifically, they can be used wherever there is a foundation, a terrace, a pool, a flat roof, a basement or a tunnel. Bituminous membranes protect the constructions both from meteoric water (from precipitation) and from groundwater infiltrations.

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Modified bitumen roof membranes continue to be a popular option for flat roofs due to their proven performance. They have several layers as well as fiberglass or polyester reinforcement, and the exterior is provided with various finishes – natural slate or sand. Bitumen, a viscous substance, resistant to extreme temperatures, obtained by hot oxidation of oil residues or by distillation of coal, is “responsible” for the sound-insulating properties of bituminous membranes.

These membranes have a long lifespan and they are applied in several layers, either by flame bonding or by using an adhesive. The installation of a modified bitumen roof must be performed only by expert modified bitumin roof Dallas specialists, who are equipped with appropriate work equipment, which may include and certain tools for cutting and pressing materials.