How Can You Really Know If Your Roofer Is Local?

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There are a lot of cases when storm chasers and roofers without a license go from state to state seeking to exploit homeowners and business owners through low quality but expensive roofing work. Or sometimes you hire a roofer without having knowledge of their out of state background, only to realize that they have no idea what is best for your roof taking into account the local environment and climate.

There are a lot of things that only a local roofer can help you with. Because of this, it’s important to know how to check to see if the roofing contractor you want to hire is local.

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According to accomplished roofing pros found here, there are several measures you can take:

  • You can try simply checking their website (if they have one) or asking them on the phone. Most legitimate roofers will be transparent and straightforward, telling you where they operate and even giving you the full name of their business and their license number that you can check up online.
  • Another method is to look up the name of the company on the official website of your state’s contractor license board. There you’ll normally find a search page where you can look up any business that is licensed to do roofing work in your state.
  • Finally, you can also look up online forums, message boards and review sites about roofing to see what people are saying about the business in question. If they’ve been around for a long time, you should be able to find a lot of entries from locals living in your state who tend to praise their services.