How Long Can a Composite Shingle Roof Last in Austin, TX?

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Shingle roofing systems are functional, elegant, and quite popular. Therefore, they can be a good choice for residential roofing in Austin, TX. Composite shingles are often the preferred choice of homeowners.

Composite shingles can last for about 20 years. Thorough maintenance paired up with the number of repairs can undoubtedly influence the longevity of your composite shingle roof. Thus, composite shingle roofs can last even for 50 years. Mold or mildew has to be removed as soon as it is discovered to prolong the lifespan of your residential roof.

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Honest roof repair Austin TX pros confirm that having your roof inspected every year can help you identify potential problems such as clear signs of weather-provoked damages, water stains that have been discovered on the ceiling or in the attic, etc. At any rate, many composite shingle roofs carry a warranty of over 20 years.

The reasons for the longevity of this roofing material include the fact that it is made from a powerful combination of plastic, polyester, fiberglass, and paper, which are bonded together with laminates or resins. Due to this composition, composite shingles are not prone to cracking, splitting, warping, or peeling. Another great advantage is the fact that composite shingles do not get damaged by sun exposure.

Asphalt shingles can give you at least a few decades of protection.