How Often Does Flat Roofing Need Inspected

When it comes to inspections and regular maintenance, there is not much difference between the roofs. Flat roofing Dallas authorities recommend these operations to be performed twice a year, but also whenever the building owner thinks they are necessary (typically, after severe weather phenomena).

Flat roofing Dallas

Flat roofs are mostly installed on commercial buildings, but they are also more and more popular on residential buildings with a modern geometric design. They tend to be less complex than sloped roofs, but it does not mean that they should be overlooked or ignored for longer periods.  Inspections and maintenance should be scheduled periodically, with professional roofing contractors, preferably specialized in flat roofing, as there are some particularities of this type of roofing that should not be ignored.

The most common problems in flat roofs are related to damaged membrane and problems with the drainage system and water infiltrations. However, inspections of flat roofs also aim at identifying vulnerabilities that may cause problems in the future. They are preventative operations, hence their undeniable importance.

A flat roof that is not inspected and maintained at regular intervals is expected to have a lower lifespan and may not be covered by the insurance either, as it will fall under the owner’s negligence category.