How Roofing with Slate is Different

In the 16th century, French poet Joachim du Bellay said of the Chenonceau Castle (which was and still is covered with a slate roof): “More than hard marble/ I prefer fine slate.”

In a time dominated by hectic pace and high technology, values ​​and traditions can take on special significance.

  • Slate as a building material of exceptional quality and beauty, connects tradition with the future, aesthetics with functionality.
  • Slate is a natural material, processed with no additives.
  • A robust material with a durability hard to reach by other materials, so roofs of historic buildings (hundreds of years old!) are not a rarity. Perhaps there is no more convincing evidence of the slate`s potential to withstand time than Mont Saint Michel Castle, with its slate roofs from the abbey, churches, fortresses, and houses on the peninsula. They have been there since the year 709.
  • Slate is multilateral, matching perfectly all architectural styles, from classic to modern buildings. Slate is also a perfect solution to high aesthetic standards.
  • Slate roofing Dallas specialists confirm that slate is expensive, but the price is fair compared to its durability and resistance. A roof or a facade covered with slate constantly increases its value over time.
  • A good quality slate has the property of keeping its original color, regardless the exposure to the elements.

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