How to Use Roofing to Reduce the Heat From Your Home?

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Did you know that roofing can be used to diminish the heat from your home during those scorching days of summer? In most cases, of course, you will need to replace your roof entirely to get the right effect, as an older roof that might also have structural issues and a less hi-tech construction might not be able to receive the right upgrades and fixes to do what you want it to do.Austin roofing

Fortunately, according to energy efficient Austin roofing pros, there are ways to get things done just right, if the existing roof isn’t too old:

  • You can have a roofer examine your roof and suggest structural changes and a complete restoration project that won’t cost as much as a roof replacement, but can still be expensive.
  • Coating is also a great solution. Consider using silicone coating along with a coat of light colored paint to improve your roof’s ability to filter harmful UV rays and/or reflect them away from your home. As an added bonus, silicone coating is also a great weatherproofing improvement.
  • Finally, some roofing systems can also allow the installation of solar panels on top. Aside from adding a new layer of elements that can stand between your home and the scorching sun, a solar array will also produce vital electricity that you can use to power your home.