Is Bitumen a Good Choice for Denver CO?

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If you just moved to Denver and you’re looking for a good roof to replace the old one that probably wasn’t replaced for a very long time, modified bitumen might look like a viable replacement option for affordable asphalt shingles or even many other more expensive residential roofing solutions.

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Bitumen is a type of flat roof that’s easy to install and can offer remarkable protection against the elements. Unlike shingle roofing, it will be set up in no time, and it also has several different ways in which it can be applied to your roof. Whether it’s applied through mopped asphalt, self-adhesive sheets or cold applied adhesives, the one thing that makes modified bitumen really special is that its seems tend to merge and melt together, which helps a lot in the prevention of leaks and water damage.

Another significant advantage of modified bitumen is that it’s almost sure to last for up to two decades after being installed. Principled Denver roofers say that the maintenance work required is less problematic than in the case of asphalt or any other sloped roof, and you’ll find that most asphalt shingle roofs will fail to last for over about 15 years, unless they’re upgraded and well-maintained. Overall, bitumen seems to be a great choice, and its high tensile strength and weatherproof construction will fit very well with the frequently changing Denver weather.