Is Sunlight Damaging for a Roof in Tyler TX?

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Trusted Tyler TX roofing companies will often point out that a good roof has to feature some types of properties that allow it to reflect sunlight. The excessive sunlight that hits the Tyler area during the summer can be very damaging for conventional roofs as well as the homes that they are meant to protect. When a roof absorbs more sunlight than it reflects, the excess heat can easily damage it, as well as cause condensation to form in the internal structure of the roof and raise the home’s overall temperature quite significantly.

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The main damage that sunlight can cause to the roof externally is that it could lead to discoloration and a gradual decrease in effectiveness of some coatings. However, the real damage is done internally.

A common roof that isn’t able to reflect sunlight properly will typically absorb it and heat up. The result will be moisture forming in the interior structure of the roof, such as beneath the decking and underlayment. A wooden deck can be affected quite severely over time, as mold can develop and the roof can start to fall apart from the inside out. As such, it’s very important that you conduct thorough roof inspections from time to time to make sure that doesn’t happen.