Is the Snow in Denver Able to Destroy Your Roof?

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If you lived in colder climates before, you already know that snow is not very good for your roof. Even with the most resilient type of roof on the market, you’ll find that snow can erode your roof far more quickly than air and rain, especially if there’s a lot of it.

Thankfully, the climate of Denver doesn’t always feature bad winters, and precipitation isn’t as frequent or as strong as you might expect. The dry climate in Colorado will lead to situations where there’s little or no snow, although the temperatures can reach far below freezing during long winter nights.

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Because of this fact, the snow in Denver can freeze over pretty easily, so you could find yourself having to cope with ice dams or just a large buildup of ice on your roof. This is a pretty big issue when the ice begins to melt, and it can be a problem even if it’s just the snow that’s melting. If your roof is old or the material doesn’t cope well with water damage, you could find yourself facing a pretty eventful spring as you try to find roofers to take care of the problem for you.

So make sure you clear the snow off your roof frequently during the winter and hire a dependable Denver roofing company to inspect your system in the spring and make sure there’s no damage.