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Our Promises To You

Customer service is our number one priority

Whether we are performing a $300 repair or a $300,000 roof replacement, our communication, our attention to detail, and our desire to under-promise and over-deliver comes first; even before our profits.

We’ve been serving for many years and are proud to be an affordable Jacksonville roofing company. Whether it’s storm damage, hail damage, roof leaks, or general maintenance, we’re here for you. We serve Jacksonville and all surrounding areas.

We are committed to excellence

As Jacksonville’s premier roof specialist, we are committed to being the absolute best in the industry in every area. From our installation methods to our project management, our office support, and response time, we believe you will see just how passionate we are about excellence. For us, it’s not a practice; it’s a lifestyle. We’re proud to be the choice roofing experts in Jacksonville.

Our Jacksonville Team

Musab Alraddad

General Manager - Jacksonville
Hello I'm Musab Alraddad, dedicated General Manager for Priority Roofing in Jacksonville, with a mission to lead with both heart and expertise, my journey in management has been shaped by commitment to putting people first , With many years of management experience spanning diverse industries. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of celebrating alongside my teams many achievements, both big and small. Whether it's hitting targets, launching innovative projects, or simply seeing the growth and development of my team members, each milestone is a testament to the power of collaboration, empathy, and perseverance. I bring a deep-seated belief in the power of kindness, collaboration, and community engagement to every endeavor .
Locally Owned Roofing Company - Proudly Serving Jacksonville

Locally Owned Roofing Company - Proudly Serving Jacksonville

Priority Roofing specializes in all roofing materials from shingles and slate to metal and will ensure your roof is covered to the highest standard.

Call us today for a no-obligation roof inspection. We’ll show you what “Priority Customer Service” is all about.