How a roof is built

Here at Priority, attention to detail is extremely important to us. We replace more than just your roof. From the felt paper to the ice and water shield, to the metals and flashings, our goal is to replace your entire roof system. This is exactly how we install a roof. This is what you can expect of us, and we do NOT expect you to pay us until we have delivered what we promised. These pictures and descriptions represent what you can expect from us with every job, and you not only know what material will be dropped off at your driveway, but also how it will be installed; and you don’t pay us until the project is completed the way we said it would be.

Step 1



The first thing we do is tear off all existing shingles.

Step 2


Decking Inspection

If the decking needs to be replaced, we replace up to 3 sheets of decking for no additional cost. If there is bad or rotted decking, we will replace it and invoice your insurance company for the difference.

Step 3



We lay down #15 or Synthetic felt underlayment which provides a moisture barrier for your system.

Step 4


Valley Protection

Valley metal is the industry standard for valley protection. However, we do not use it as water is still able to penetrate through the nail holes as well as underneath the metal.

We install Ice and Water Shield by GAF. It is made of a rubber membrane and will not tear or rip. It is also peel and stick so it will not allow water to get underneath and it is self sealing around the nails.

Step 5


Starter Strip

Industry standard starter shingles are an upside down 3-tab shingle. We believe that this is a poor practice because a 3-tab shingle has only half of the life expectancy of actual starter strip, and there is no tar strip to adhere to which dramatically lowers its wind rating.

We install starter strip shingles around the perimeter of every roof. Starter strip comes with a lifetime warranty, as well as a 110 mph wind warranty. We believe that this is the best practice for providing maximum protection around the perimeter of the roof.

Step 6


Pipe Flashing

Industry standard pipe flashing is made out of a cheap rubber that will corrode and start leaking within the first 10 years. This is one of the most common roof leaks we see.

We install DuraFlo pipe flashings around all plumbing pipes. DuraFlo places a 35-year warranty on their pipe flashings. If it leaks, they will replace it. We believe that this is the absolute best and longest lasting pipe flashing available.

Step 7


Replace Metals

We replace all metals and flashings as needed arounds caps, pipes jacks, and chimneys.

Step 8



We install all types of ventilations systems. Talk to your contractor about which ventilation system will be the most efficient for your roof.

Step 9



We will paint all metals and flashings on the roof to match the shingle color. This way, everything will look aesthetically appealing when we are finished.

Step 10


Yard Cleanup

Once finished, we go over the entire yard with a magnetic toolbar. Our crew is very clean, but we still encourage caution with children, pets, and vehicle tires after your roof gets replaced.