Roof Coatings and Why You Would Need One

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When you consider the waterproofing of your house, you certainly think first about the waterproofing of the foundation and basement, but you must not lose sight of the roof waterproofing either. Given that this component of the construction is constantly exposed to the weather and water resulted from rain, melted snow or ice, you need to make sure that there are no areas that could facilitate infiltration. Roof coatings are a great solution to increase the performance of your roof as well as its lifespan.

Roof coatings are  made of dispersed resins, which, once applied, form a flexible and continuous membrane, without pores, highly resistant even to light pedestrian traffic. Another advantage is that they can turn the roof into a cool roof, that if you choose a light-colored coating. Light colors also make the roof more resistant to UV rays and more durable over time.

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Products of this type reduce the roof temperature by up to 50%, compared to darker coatings (e.g. bituminous membranes). For this reason, credible Austin roofing contractors confirm that roof coatings can be applied over bituminous membranes and other roofing materials, increasing their performance, in terms of thermal and waterproofing capacity.

This liquid waterproofing is applied cold and forms a 100% waterproofing membrane that has the ability to protect surfaces even in areas where water is ponding on the roof`s surface.