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Roof Maintenance Checklist


1. Schedule an inspection: 
The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends inspecting a commercial roof at least twice a year as well as following severe storms. A roofing professional will look for signs of damage, including:

  • Ceiling Stains

  • Damage to fasteners and sealants

  • Issues with the membranes like soft spots, bubbling, punctures or splits

  • Damage to flashings including skylights, perimeters, walls, penetrations, HVAC equipment curbs, and drains

  • Clogged drains and gutters

  • Signs of mold and allergy growth

  • Punctures & Tears In The Roof Systems

2. Perform a roof moisture survey: A moisture survey measuring changes in roof materials when water is present should be conducted every five years. They can be taken in various ways including an infrared scan, which measures the amount of heat retained or lost through the insulation since wet insulation transmits heat better than dry.

3. Update and maintain roofing files: The most important tool a building owner can have to protect their commercial roofing asset is information. As the saying goes– knowledge is power! Knowing the current condition, warranty expiration details and when it was last worked on can help you to be proactive in managing your roofing system while ensuring it has a maximum service life. Be sure to keep up-to-date files on any installations, repairs, and changes made to your roof, along with warranties, plans, documentation of repairs, as well as samples of materials, to ensure your roof warranty remains intact.


Customer Reviews

Rick Jacquemard
Rick Jacquemard
16:27 30 Aug 19
The roof was done quickly and professionally. The cleanup after was complete with not a single nail left in the yard. I am very pleased with this company and what they offer and represent. Heather Herring was very helpful and knowledgable about the process. I will definitely contact them again when my roof is in need of repairs.read more
Andrea Crubaugh
Andrea Crubaugh
21:04 13 Jul 19
Service was fantastic from beginning to the end. They came out to assess our hail damage and leak in our garage. Scheduling the roof replacement and other repairs was fast and simple. The crew was quick, organized and spent extra time making sure they left the property as clean as it was when they arrived. I highly recommend Priority Contracting and Roofing and will definitely use them again!!read more
April Neff
April Neff
00:45 13 Jul 19
Brandon Parks went above and beyond to help us get our roof replaced. The men who came were professional and polite. They checked all the fine touches and left very little mess behind. I would recommend this company in a heartbeat!read more
Melanie Albright
Melanie Albright
19:41 01 Jul 19
Thank you so much for our new roof. Its beautiful and we love it. You guys did an awesome job! From fixing the fasia to the windows, we could not be more pleased.read more
Eric Simpson
Eric Simpson
15:29 11 Jun 19
Our neighborhood had suffered some fairly extensive hail damage recently. So we had Michael from Priority Roofing come out to take a look at our home. Michael went up on the roof and identified numerous locations of damage to shingles. He decided that it would be best if we contacted our insurance company and he arranged everything for us. The insurance adjuster came out and we signed a contract for a complete replacement soon thereafter. Priority Roofing provided our house with the one good roof that it never had before. The original builder did a horrible job on our roof and the evidence was clear once the original shingles came off. Now with a brand new roof done right, we have confidence that there aren't any unknown leaks up there... and a new roof will make selling our home that much easier in the next few years. Several of our neighbors (about six) also got new roofs thanks to Priority.read more
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