Roof Safety Tips

The work in the field of construction is carried out, on most segments, under the extremely strict rules of protection and safety, and when it comes to the installation of roofs and facades – they are the top of all requirements, because workers carry out their activity at height.

It’s not very pleasant, but we have to start with some statistics: over 40% of work accidents are caused by falling from a height, and roof workers are the most affected category. Most falls occur by slipping through uncovered openings or gaps, as well as through damaged or fragile materials. Many accidents also occur due to materials falling or being thrown from a height, so the activity on the roof can affect not only the people working up there, but also those below, who inspect, visit or maintain the site.

Courage is based on rules!

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If you ever passed a construction site, you probably noticed the ease with which roofers move on scaffolding, on structures and roofs, hanging on ropes, at dizzying heights. Unfortunately, it is precisely this false safety that causes many accidents; in many cases, it is not the less “brave” or less familiar with the job who get injured, but the experienced ones, who get too used with what they do and fail to be careful enough and respect work safety rules. Therefore, commercial roof repair Dallas safety protocol is mandatory for all roofers, regardless of their experience.