Roofing Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Austin Roof Alive During Hurricane Season

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While hurricane season in Austin can cause a lot of damage, it’s not all that difficult to enhance and upgrade your home so that it will survive the harsh winds and precipitation that can impact it during this time. The roof is of course the most vulnerable area, so you have to consider carefully what roofing maintenance concerns to give your attention to:

  • Schedule more frequent roof inspections to spot minor damage before it gets out of hand. During hurricane season in Austin, you can expect winds and storms to be more frequent, so your roof will be placed under a lot of strain, to the point where minor damages can deteriorate into ones that will require extensive repairs after a short time.
  • It’s a good idea to replace the flashing on your existing roof with superior flashing made out of metal. A sought after Austin roofing company substantiates that cheaper flashing can easily be blown off your roof by strong winds or damaged to the point that your roof will leak so badly, your attic will seem like it’s full of holes. This won’t happen with a superior metal flashing material.
  • Keep your roof clear of debris and check on your gutter system to make sure it’s not clogged. Pooling is a serious issue during harsher storms, as the water itself and even its mere weight can end up damaging your roof pretty severely.
  • Avoid cheap replacements for flashing, shingles, chimney elements and other parts of your roof that might need to be fixed or replaced over time. That way you’ll make it much harder for a storm to cause a lot of damage to your roof.