Should You Consider Repairing or Replacing Your Old TPO Roof in Dallas?

In Dallas, commercial roofing has a lot to do with high end roofing installations involving advanced materials like TPO and EPDM rubber. The problem is that not all roofers are able to properly manage these installations, and you have to sort out the ones that can before you consider hiring any roofing specialist for the job.

A great deal of research might go into this until you can actually decide what you should do. Some roofers might recommend that your existing TPO roof – which might be pretty old already – should be replaced. But how do you know when these roofers are telling you that transparently and honestly, and when they have an agenda to get you to pay more for a large roof replacement project.

TPO roofing Dallas

The answer, as usual, is in the details. TPO roofs can last for decades without too much maintenance, and they are considered quite practical for Dallas’ climate. Also, they were introduced quite recently (in the 1990s) and they’re considered relatively modern compared to other roofing materials.

Causes of premature damage and the need for replacement can include extreme heat, ponding water that has been in place for a very long time, mold, structural damage caused by severe storms and poorly installed seams. So if your TPO roof is not yet in danger of reaching the end of its projected lifespan, consider asking TPO roofing Dallas authorities about these issues.