Should You Install a Metal Roof on Your Newly Purchased Colorado Home?

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Most homeowners believe they have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new roof, especially in a place like Colorado where unpredictable weather and severe storms can be pretty common. It’s true that cheap roofing systems like asphalt shingle roofing will not do much to protect your home for a long time in an area like Colorado. Instead, for newly purchased Colorado homes, experts will recommend a metal roof, for homeowners who want an affordable system and superior durability in the same offer.

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Fortunately, unlike other cheap roofing systems, the case for metal roofing is actually pretty strong:

  1. Metal roofs are highly resilient and fireproof. A steel roof will withstand more than 1000 degrees without much difficulty and for quite some time before it starts to lose its structural integrity.
  2. The average lifespan of a good quality metal roof can exceed 50 years.
  3. Most metals are pretty cheap, excluding copper. Aluminum and steel are actually among the cheapest roofing materials you will find on the market.
  4. A roof made from metal will require less maintenance and fewer (as well as cheaper) repairs over time.
  5. Metal roofs are among the few that can compete with green and solar panel roofs when it comes to energy efficiency.

If you want a sturdy, long lasting and virtually maintenance-free roof, you should definitely hire a high quality metal roofing Denver contractor to install a metal roof for your newly purchased Colorado home.