The Best Roofs to Keep Energy Bills at Bay in Houston

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In Houston, you typically get a lot of sunlight all year round, and the winters are mild. As a result, the challenge when it comes to selecting an energy efficient roof, is to choose one that can prevent sustainability problems in the summer and still offer at least relatively good protection during the colder times of the year.

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Metal is, of course, a great choice when you’re on a budget. According to energy efficient Houston roofing specialists, it will not only keep your energy bills low because of its ability to reflect harmful UV rays in the summer and keep your home protected from the cold in the winter, but it also has the ability to protect your home from wind and storms without requiring special upgrades and repairs.

Other roofing systems that are even more energy efficient include green and solar panel roofs. Green roofing is essentially comprised from vegetation that grows on your roof and makes use of rainwater while keeping the air around your home clean and protecting it from the sun’s UV rays in the summer. Solar panel roofs are exactly what the name would suggest: solar panels set up to capture sunlight and turn it into electricity. Most experts will agree that, because of their ability to not just deflect sunlight but turn it into usable energy, solar panel roofing can be considered as the most energy efficient type of roofing.