The Importance of Annual Commercial Roof Inspections

Having your commercial roof inspected on an annual basis may seem inconvenient to some people, but it is really a small effort to do to ensure that your roof is in good shape and ready to provide protection for years to come.

If you schedule this periodic operation, the issues that may leave the roof vulnerable to leaks are identified early and fixed before they ruin your comfort (and your budget!). A new commercial roof is a big investment, and annual inspections have the purpose of protecting that investment, by ensuring that the roof reaches its estimated lifespan.

Besides, regular roof maintenance is a must if you want to enjoy the benefits of your roof insurance, otherwise you will be found guilty of negligence and your insurer may refuse to compensate you, when you make a claim. Remember that regular roof maintenance is the obligation of the owner.

Dallas commercial roofing company inspection specialists

The annual commercial roof inspection is an assessment of the overall condition of the roof. Dallas commercial roofing company inspection specialists will carefully observe the membrane, the sealant around seams, the roof penetrations and the drainage system.

A professional commercial roof inspection always includes a report containing the identified problems and the recommendations of the specialist regarding repairs, restoration or replacement.