The Most Vulnerable Parts of Your Roof – Denver Roofers Explain

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In order to properly maintain your residential roofing in Denver, CO it is very important to understand what the most vulnerable parts of your roof are. In this respect, eaves are located at the bottom edges of a roofing system and become vulnerable when water gets into them, making it easy for leaks to form.  These leaks can further damage the state of your roof’s eaves, which can lead your roof to sag and rot.

Ridge vents are another potentially vulnerable part of your roofing system. In case you have an attic, it would be very useful to check for any signs of leaks under the ridge vent. Also, if there are any stains or signs of dampness in the wooden part of your roof, this may suggest that your ridge vent requires immediate replacement.

The roof valley is another vulnerable point on your roofing system. You should check to see if there are any cracks, bulges or dips in your shingles. Flashing areas can also be affected by improper installation, which can further result in leaking hazards. The rubber pipe boots should be kept in a good condition, as their lifespan tends to be quite limited.

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