Tips for Maintaining TPO Roofing

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TPO roofing is a great solution for residential clients with flat roofs. That’s because the membrane system is light and easy to install, and it also has a series of advantages to it. One of those advantages is the easy maintenance required to keep the roofing in tip top shape.

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Firstly, anyone interested in using this system should know that cleaning it doesn’t have to be done with very powerful tools. On the contrary. Using high-pressure water washers can even damage the membrane. All that’s needed to keep this type of roof clean is to use a low pressure water jet and a gentle brushing or sweeping.

Secondly, you should have your roofer make sure that there are no algae, moss or debris on your roof. If there are you should have them cleaned ASAP, because the longer they sit on the membrane the more damage they can make. There’s no cause for alarm. According to Denver roofing company pros, the membrane is quite resistant. But you should make sure that it stays clean and free of any growths and dirt.

Finally, you should regularly have the seams of the membrane checked – and the places where it meets the edges of the roof too. That’s because if there are any holes in those areas the membrane can unstick to the roof below.