What Are the Most Important Qualities of TPO Roofing in Protecting Your Commercial Roof?

TPO roofing

Aside from bitumen and EPDM, TPO roofing is probably the most popular type of flat roofing used in commercial applications. There’s a good reason for that, because as TPO roofing Dallas distributors confirm, TPO definitely has some of the best qualities of any type of roof you can consider:

  • An energy efficient single ply membrane, TPO (short for thermoplastic olefin) is known to compete very closely with EPDM and bitumen in this regard, but without the added costs that make these roofing materials less accessible.
  • TPO fits a huge number of different types of buildings and styles, being used quite heavily in both commercial and residential roofing for that purpose. Although there aren’t too many color and styling options, you can still enjoy white, cool roofing systems made with TPO technology that will help you save a lot of energy in warmer climates.
  • Unlike other thermoplastic membranes, TPO is highly resilient, and can resist strong impacts during hail storms without being damaged. Reinforced TPO membranes can also manage the extreme thermal expansion and contraction of buildings that are set in areas with wide temperature changes.
  • TPO is also quite easy to install, especially compared to heavier materials. Its lightweight and straightforward methods of installation make it a less challenging roofing material if you don’t have enough money to pay for expensive labor costs and hire the most experienced and costly roofers.