What Businesses Need to Know About Roofing Regulations in Houston

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As a homeowner or business owner, you might consider that you don’t really have to know a lot about the local building codes in your home city of Houston when it comes time to have your roof replaced, repaired or modified. However, this isn’t the case, unfortunately. Roofers are not the only ones expected to know the laws and rules that govern the local roofing industry. As a business owner in particular, it’s very important to know what you can and can’t do when it comes to fixing or replacing your old commercial roof.

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The rules regarding fire protection alone are extensive, and you have to consider carefully what types of materials and installations you are allowed to set up and what types of permits you’d need for them. Also, a lot of Houston roofing regulations pertain to roof insulation and general energy efficiency. LEED standards have been promoted lately both by political activists and environmental ones, so there is a lot of pressure for Houston businesses to invest more in sustainable choices – including for roof replacement and upgrades.