What Kinds of Safety Measures do Houston Roofers Take?

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In case you need your residential roofing in Houston, TX needs some work, you might be curious about the safety measures that the roofers usually take. There are safety equipment and several different fall protection systems that professional roofers typically use.

Roof fall protection systems represent a crucial part of this kind of job. Fall protection systems can prevent workers from incurring severe injuries in the event of a mishap while working up there.

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First of all, it would be useful to understand what fall protection actually is. According to federal guidelines, workers need to be protected when they are working at height with the help of fall protection systems and equipment. Fall protection used by safety minded Houston roofing contractors typically include three main components- safety nets, personal fall arrest systems (PFA), and guardrail systems.

In the case of lower sloped roofs, it may also be required to use a certain mix of safety monitoring systems, warning line systems, etc. Safety nets are webbed systems which are suspended underneath a roof site in order to catch a roofer in the case of a fall. Harnesses must also be used anytime a roofer gets on a roof to perform a  job.