What to do if Your Homeowners Association Rejects Your Roof

When you choose a roof for your home, one of the conditions is to respect the rules in your neighborhood and comply with your homeowner’s association`s standards. You will have to obtain approval through an architectural request process and comply with a certain roof type and color scheme. Select and reach out to responsive Denver roofers for information regarding the roof you choose, and include that info in the request for approval.

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If you fail to do this, your roof may not only affect property value, but your HOA may reject your project.

But can your homeowner’s association really force you to comply? And what course of action can you take against the board`s decision?

Well, first of all, board members are indeed allowed to enforce roof standards and you should do your best to comply, because that is common sense. On the other hand, if your HOA acted discriminatory and rejected your roof although there are other similar roofs in the neighborhood, you may file a complaint with your state’s fair housing agency, local FHEO, or HUD. You can call them or you can mail them – you should be able to find the contact information you need with a simple internet search.

Homeowners’ associations are covered when it comes to enforce some standards, but are not covered if they act in a discriminatory/ capricious manner, according to The Fair Housing Act.