Why It Pays to Offer Roof Financing to Homeowners Right Now

Dallas commercial roofing

Many people do not have the necessary money on hand, when it comes the time to replace their roof. It is a big investment, sometimes too big, especially now, in full pandemic, when many people have their working hours cut and are not sure whether their job is as secure as it used to. For this reason alone, it really pays to offer roof financing right now, and many customer focused Dallas commercial roofing companies understand that, so instead of sitting idle and waiting for customers who managed to save money for their roofing projects, they offer different options to finance these projects.
Offering roof financing to homeowners during the COVID-19 pandemic is advantageous because a company can keep booking jobs during this difficult time. Most contractors that provide financing options offer a manageable monthly payment plan, which is much more attractive than paying the total purchase price at once. Besides, such payment plans can attract more customers overall, because people are more likely to be interested in your offer if you present them a flexible payment plan that meets their needs.
Financing options can make even premium roofing systems look more affordable, and this may result in an increase of the price of the job with up to 25%.