3 Inspection Tips for Asphalt Roofing in Texas

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Asphalt roofs are great for a number of reasons. One of them is because they are usually low maintenance and can be fixed quite easily and cheaply. But, in order to find out where those repairs are needed, you have to first have your roof inspected to identify any problems. In order to do a proper inspection, the first any good Texas roofer will do is to look for any algae or moss that might have built up since your last inspection. That can, with time, promote the decay of shingles and lead to leaks and sagging.

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Another tip to remember when doing an inspection on an asphalt roof is to look for damaged shingles. That can mean broken or curled shingles. That is clearly a sign that they need replacing and you might even find something more interesting underneath them. Also, always look for missing shingles and call a cost effective Tyler roofing pro to replace the ones that may seem old to you.

Any good inspection of a roof has to include a part where you check to see if everything under the roof is ok. So make sure that you have the attic or technical space beneath the roof inspected  before drawing any conclusions. Damage to your roof can come from both inside and outside. This is why it is important to get a full picture of what your roof has to deal with on a daily basis.