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A New Roof is Not Something to Gamble With

When it comes time to repair or replace your commercial roofing system, you want a roofing contractor who has the knowledge and experience to ensure that your project goes smoothly. Additionally, you want a contractor who offers more than one solution, so that you get the proper roofing system for your building. Priority Roofing offers multiple options to ensure that you not only get the roof you need, but also the one that meets your budget constraints. We are here to listen to your goals and concerns, and then devise a plan to get you exactly what you need.

Low-Slope Roofing Applications

Priority Roofing offers our clients the very best in low-slope roofing options. Whether on your home, office, or commercial building, we offer multiple options for the complexities that come with a low-slope roof.

Not all Roofers Are The Right Roofers

When your commercial roof needs to be repaired, you need to hire someone who has experience with the complexities of commercial roofing. Not all roofers are the same, and hiring an inexperienced roofer to complete your commercial project is playing with fire…sometimes literally. A commercial roofer needs to be highly trained so that you don’t have to replace your roof again prematurely.

Cool Roofing

Be sure to check out our cool roofing options that will help you save money, protect the environment, and help your roof last longer. A properly installed reflective roof system will help you reduce electricity bills by reducing the amount of heat that penetrates your building envelope, and it also increases longevity by reducing thermal shock that shortens a roof’s lifespan.

Commercial Roof Leak Repairs

Finding leaks and repairing leaks properly on a commercial property roof is almost an art. A leaking low-slope roof shows signs of leaks that can fool some roofing contractors into repairing the wrong areas. At Priority Roofing, we have the experience to find the point that water is coming in through the roof, even if it is running laterally under the membrane. Call us today for all of your commercial roofing needs and we’ll get to work for you right away. We’re happy to serve Dallas, Fort Worth, Tyler, and Denver.


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