Are Roof Coatings Really Necessary for Residential Roofing Systems?

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Denver roofers

Roof coating is typically used for flat residential roofing systems that are installed in membrane layers. The various coatings make up the top layers, protecting the roof from UV rays, rain and other stressors. What most people don’t know is that roof coating can also do the same in the case of residential roofing systems, and many expert Denver roofers believe residential roof coatings to be entirely necessary:

  • One of the main things roof coating can help with when it comes to residential roofing is by protecting your roof from harmful UV radiation and ensuring that your home is protected from the summer heat.
  • Roof coating can help preserve low durability roofing systems such as asphalt shingle roofs. This is important if you want to extend your roof’s life span and prevent damage from happening. Although not all types of coating can guarantee this outcome, they can still help a lot.
  • Some types of coating can also have excellent weatherproof qualities. They can block hail damage to some extent and act as a great water insulator to prevent leaks.
  • Finally, residential roof coating is also great for preventing your roof’s paint and aesthetic qualities from fading. Your residential roof will look brighter and better without the need for you to constantly repaint it.