Are There Any Roofing Materials That Do a Good Job Alleviating Hail Damage?

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If you’re planning to get a new roof in an area constantly affected by hail, you’ll have to be very careful of what you choose. Some materials are pretty sturdy and long lasting in general, but they cave to the pressure when having to deal with hail damage.

You might think that asphalt and clay might both be good at alleviating hail damage, but the truth is that the impact resistance quality of asphalt shingles leaves a lot to be desired. Of course, clay is somewhat on the expensive side (not quite like a slate roof, but almost). So you might need to consider your budget before opting for this material as well.

Denver roofing authorities say that the best materials for fending off hail damage include slate, concrete and metal. When it comes to slate, it’s normally very resilient, but there are cases when the original slate was of poorer quality or the installation was badly performed. In such instances, slate roofs can suffer greatly as a result of hail, and the repairs can become very costly. Concrete can be damaged more severely by larger hail stones, and would require more frequent repairs than a slate roof.

Metal, on the other hand, doesn’t normally chip or break. It can be dented, but depending on the thickness and the quality of the metal, that is not likely to happen too often either – maybe only if the pieces of hail are large enough. Furthermore, metal roofs are generally pretty affordable and require very little maintenance, so you’ll be saving money by getting one as well.