Can a Slate Roof Be Installed on Any Type of Home?

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Priority Roofing -slate tiles

Installing a slate roof can seem like a great idea at first. As one of the oldest and most durable roofing material that any roofer can use, natural slate is rated to last more than 100 years, and if installed properly, it won’t require too many repairs during that time.

But can slate be installed on any home, or is it specifically designed only for certain houses? The answer to this question can be a little more complicated depending on the modifications you are willing to make to your home in order to facilitate the installation process. While a basic asphalt shingle roof, for example, doesn’t have too many special requirements, the issue of having the right decking and underlayment to house your slate roof can be one that even the best roofers argue over.

The great thing about slate is that it doesn’t really require a functional underlayment. According to experienced Priority Roofing contractors, the underlayment is basically just roofing felt that is set in place to protect your home temporarily in case a storm comes before the installation is complete.

What’s more important is the decking, which should be structurally sound so it can support your slate roof for 100 years or so. The right sheathing choice for slate is the use of individual wooden planks anpit 1 to 1 ½ inches thick. Also, if you want the most durable roof, you’ll want to have your plywood or laminated wood decking replaced with a more resilient one, so you can ensure that your roof will withstand the test of time.