Can I Get a Roof Repair or Replacement During the Coronavirus

Shortly, yes, you can.

A roofing project may seem even more difficult now that we are in the Covid 19 pandemic, and people are told to stay at home as much as possible and avoid human contact and common interactions. A commercial roofing project requires a lot of preparations, evaluating different roofing companies, talking to their representatives, asking for information, estimates, talking about warranties, supervising their work and so much more. Is it possible to do all these, while limiting human contact?

Thanks to the technology we have access to nowadays, we can accomplish many things while remaining safe inside our homes, including making most of the necessary arrangements for a roof repair or replacement.

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You can contact recommended commercial roof repair Dallas companies remotely and communicate without direct contact, via phone, email or text. The initial consultation can be done over a video call; the contractor can view your building and the existing roof, while you can view the suggested materials, accessories etc. Additionally, you can exchange photos or videos, and a professional roofing inspector can come to your home or business to make the necessary measurements and offer the estimate. The contact with only one person is minimum and you can talk safely from a distance.

Just make sure the contractor you choose is willing to keep lines of communication open, even without in-person meetings, and that it is fully insured.