Can Roofing Be Done in the Rain or Should You Avoid It?

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Whether you’re considering a DIY project or looking to hire an experienced roofer, working on your roof in the rain – especially a sloped roof – is not usually a good idea. The issue is one of safety, but it can also be one of technical difficulty and of preventing damage to your home.

Priority Roofing

Priority Roofing experts warn us that as the rain intensifies, the danger of slipping and falling is only one in a line of issues that could occur. A thunder storm might lead to thunder striking your house or a nearby tree while you’re working, possibly injuring you or causing even a fatal blow. Another potential problem is the appearance of hail during summer, as it will mess with your ability to work as well as your safety.

In most cases, it is recommended that you do your work on a dry day, when the weather is free of precipitation, visibility is good, and any rainwater that may have been left on your roof resulting from previous rainfall has already dried up.

If you’re worried that you might start a lengthier roofing project and the rain would set in while you’re working, then simply have a cover ready for the area of your roof that you’re working on, check the weather reports regularly, and cover the roof before the rain starts. Then you can just wait for the storm to pass and for everything to dry off properly before safely resuming your work.