Can Roofing Companies Waive Your Deductible?

Dallas commercial roofing contractor

No – and that is a big NO!

A roof is expensive and, in this case, deductibles may be intimidating. It is very tempting to lower the sum of money you have to pay from your pocket and there are roofers ready to take advantage of this by proposing you to waive your deductible. Does it seem like a bargain to you? Well… you should better think again, because in reality it is the furthest thing from a bargain!

Waiving an insurance deductible is an illegal practice that falls into the “Insurance frauds” category and that may cost you a lot. An established Dallas commercial roofing contractor takes pride in their reputation will not engage in such practice, so you should stay away from those that do!

Waiving the insurance deductible used to be legal, but settlements were handled differently back then.

Today there is the Replacement Cost Value in most insurance claims, which break down payments into multiple checks. Having a licensed roofer billing your insurer for cost incurred on the project/ claim can help you recoup the full amount of a settlement

But to waive a deductible, claims must be falsified to inflate costs until they can cover the waived deductible.