Can Slate Roofing Be Successfully Used on a Commercial Building?

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Slate is arguably the most expensive roofing material on the market, not only when compared to commercial roofing products, but also with all of the other catchy, beautiful and extremely durable residential roofing materials such as copper, terracotta or wood. Despite this fact, some business owners actually choose slate for large roofing products, even converting buildings that had flat or low slope roofs into buildings with attractive, sloped roofing systems made from natural slate.

The main argument in favor of slate has to do with its appearance and durability – both of which are aspects that a business owner has to take into account. You’ll want your roof to last a long time without having to be replaced, and natural slate pretty much lasts for a lifetime – or even several lifetimes, if you take proper care of it. Many slate roofing Dallas manufacturers claim that their products can last for more than a century, which is a pretty big deal and already reason enough to consider paying a lot of money for such a roof.

The appearance of natural slate is also very unique, and a lot of business owners spend money on it for that very purpose. Having an imposing, unique and appealing roof can be a sign of business success and strength. Visitors, business partners and competitors will be impressed with your roof, and you might even gain attention from a lot of interested and wealthy new customers in the process as well.