Dallas Commercial Single Ply Systems

What is a single ply system?

TPO, PVC, and EPDM are all part of the single-ply family, and are the most common type of low-slope system in the United States. They are synthetic substances that are softened to be applied and harden into a highly durable and cost effective roof system for commercial buildings in Dallas. Additionally, they are known to provide significant energy efficiency since their white surface is extremely reflective and lowers the internal temperature of your building. 

What are the benefits of this type of system?

  • Competitive pricing makes single-ply roofs cost-effective enough to fit most budgets
  • Ease of installation means jobs can be finished quickly and efficiently saving money on labor costs
  • These factory made systems minimize the risk found in built-up systems and lead to overall consistency
  • Cool and reflective roof system makes single-ply roofs an energy efficient option

Why should I choose Priority Roofing?

We are experts at installing these systems. Our single-ply systems typically come with a 20-year warranty and no leak guarantee. Our goal in replacing or repairing your business is to ensure that your roof is completed at such high standards that you do not have to worry about leaks or workmanship issues causing you problems.

Single Ply Installations