Common Tools Used by Commercial Roofers in Dallas

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Installing, repairing, or replacing commercial roofing requires some special tools and equipment and, therefore, should best be done by professional roofers.

A favored Dallas commercial roofing company says one of the most essential tools a commercial roofer should have is the hammer. Roofing hammers are typically employed to remove tiles, tap down nails, or clean the working area. Some of these hammers are similar in appearance with hatchets, whereas others look like regular hammers.

Shingle removers are also a must-have for any respectable commercial roofer. While some of these tools are created for shingle tearing off, others are conceived to remove the existing roofing and make a roll.

Utility knives are also essential tools for commercial roofing contractors. These knives are used for cutting roofing materials such as shingles or felt, and are a tool most roofers carry with them.

Roof cleaning tools and equipment may also be included among the most common tools for any contractor. They may consist of a hand broom, a power broom, etc., and are used to remove debris and gravel from flat roofs. Garden hoses with a nozzle, pressure washers, vacuums, and air compressors are typical cleaning tools for experienced roofers. Caulking guns should also be present on the roofer’s list of essential tools.