Dallas Designer Ludowici Clay Tile Roof

What is Ludowici clay tile?

Ludowici was established in 1888, and is the oldest roofing manufacturer that is still in business. Ludowici is known as the Ferrari of clay tile. Typically ranging in material cost from 2 to 4 times the cost of standard clay time, Ludowici is the standard that every other clay tile manufacturer seeks to obtain. 

What are the benefits of this type of system?

  • Ludowici tiles maintain vibrant color guaranteed with a 75-year material warranty
  • As a clay tile, this roof system has longevity that other roof systems cannot compare to
  • A long lifespan of up to or beyond 150 years means minimal maintenance and potentially never replacing your roof again
  • Low moisture absorption, limited moss and mildew growth, and fire resistance

Why should I choose Priority?

Here at Priority Roofing, we take pride and passion in being one of the top experts in the different types of high end roofing systems

From clay, tile and slate, to standing seam and stone coated steel, to synthetic and hail proof systems, we take a massive amount of pride in being the standard that the industry follows. In fact, if you hire another roofer, there is still a very realistic possibility that we will be the ones performing the work as a subcontractor for the roofing company you hired. 

We offer a minimum 20-year warranty and no leak guarantee on all designer roof systems that we install; No Dollar Limit 

When we install a high temperature ice and water shield underneath the roof system as the underlayment, we offer a 30-year warranty and no leak guarantee; No Dollar Limit

All repairs that we perform on your existing roof system come with a minimum 5-year warranty and no leak guarantee wherever materials were installed; No Dollar Limit. 

All products that we install come with manufacturer product warranty that guarantees the product will last for a minimum of 50 to 75-years. 

Certain designer systems that we install come with a hail warranty from 2” to completely hail proof, and a wind warranty that ranges from 110 mph to 170 mph. Ask us about these designer systems. 

Ludowici Clay Tile Installations