Does Heat Play a Significant Role in the Efficiency of Your Roof?

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Is heat important when it comes to keeping your roof energy efficient? Unfortunately for the owners of more affordable roofing products, the answer to this question is a pretty big “Yes.” Roofs are affected by heat, and in many cases that also means that your home will be equally as affected, if you don’t do anything to prevent that.

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The way it works is that, even though your roof might reflect a lot of the sunlight and heat coming from the sun, UV radiation tends to penetrate to the interior structure of the roof due to its higher wavelength. There it builds up the heat, and your roof will transfer that heat to your home in the summer, making your AC work overtime and greatly increasing your electric bill.

Additionally, many roofs are not equipped with proper insulation, which means ambient heat will also get through. If your attic has ventilation problems, then the heat that will build up will greatly affect your entire home.

Principled roof repair Austin TX professionals acknowledge that it is very important to select a type of roof that has proper insulation and the ability to reflect much of the harmful UV rays of the sun. Cool roofs that have a lighter color tend to be very good at this, and there are also coatings that can fend off UV radiation quite effectively. The most efficient roof, however, is a metal roof. Metal tends to be the best at reflecting sunlight and heat, keeping your home cool in the summer and effectively lowering your light bill in the long run.