How Important Are Reviews When Hiring a Commercial Roofing Contractor?

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Reviews and testimonials can be important when you hire just about any kind of service. However, for commercial roofing contractors, the issue can be much more concerning. Any roofing contractor that doesn’t provide you with reviews might try to hide past failures for fear that they’d lose a current job. So, in most cases it’s still a good idea to do a background check on Austin roofing company contractors, even if they seem like they might be able to do a good job and that they’re friendly and trustworthy.

Failing to ask about reviews or check up on them can result in a lot of potential problems:

  • The roofer could promise a certain level of quality but fail to deliver entirely.
  • Your entire new roof could be botched, and it will be hard to get your money back, especially if you paid for a very expensive roof.
  • It’s possible that the contractor could actually be a scammer, and by the time you find out, it could be too late.
  • Even if they do a fairly good job in most cases, they might be generally inconsistent – a fact that can be fully visible if you check their past reviews and testimonials over the last few months or years.