How Important Is It to Know How Your Roof Actually Functions?

Whether you’re thinking of having a brand new roof installed, or you just want to have an Austin roofer over for a basic inspection, it’s a good idea to know as much as possible about how a roof works. Not only will it allow you to understand most of what your roofer says about a new project for repair or replacement, but you’ll also be able to make better decisions regarding DIY and maintenance work that you might consider.Austin roofers

Knowing about the structure and function of your roof’s various elements is not rocket science. While there are some standards that are required for each different type of roof, the basic idea of how a roof works is quite similar between the same types of roof in a general sense. Busy Austin roofers let us know that residential roofing systems are typically sloped structures featuring an exposed external level and an inner, structural one. In contrast, commercial roofing systems are usually flat, membrane roofs that are mostly set up in layers and feature weatherproof coating on top.

There are also specific terms you might want to learn about, pertaining to each part of the roof and to various roofing materials that might be used. For instance, the flashing is the part that covers the seams and valleys to prevent leaks, while the structural part that supports the roof is called the decking. Knowing these terms will help you better understand what your roofer tells you about the details of what work needs to be done during roof repair projects.