How Long Does a Modified Bitumen Roof Really Last?

When you’re thinking of installing a new roof for your commercial building, it’s important to consider all your options. Modified bitumen can certainly be considered one of the best available solutions, and it can provide you with better support than almost any other type of commercial roof.

Modified bitumen can last for quite a long time, but it needs to be properly taken care of and maintained for that to happen. Even though most experts would estimate that a modified bitumen roof could last for up to 20 years, that rarely happens in areas of changing climate, since the material can be less resilient in warmer and more humid climates.

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The building’s location, maintenance issues, architectural design, and whether or not you have any upgrades install, will all weigh in as factors to determine how long a bitumen roof might last. While 10-15 years might be common with this type of roof, a longer life span is possible, as is a shorter one, with either better or poorer maintenance.

If you truly want your roof to last for up to two decades or even more, consider finding a reliable local modified bitumen roof Dallas company to hire to take care of your roof maintenance tasks for you and aim to keep your roof in good condition much longer.