How Often Do Residential Metal Roofs Have to Be Replaced?

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When you own a residential metal roof you might literally feel like your home is akin an indestructible armored vehicle. If the roof was properly installed, it can take just about any kind of abuse without complaining, and you don’t even have to worry about common issues such as hail storms, thunderstorms or fires.

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Unfortunately, an outstanding metal roofing Austin repair expert affirms that even the best metal roofing systems reach the end of their projected lifespan at some point, and then nothing can be done but to have them replaced. Failing to do so might lead you to have to pay thousands of dollars on repairs that won’t even get you anywhere.

If your roof is around 50-75 years old then it might not have long until the end of its life. At this time, it’s usually best to have it replaced, especially if it hasn’t been maintained properly throughout the years. Poor maintenance can still diminish a roof’s projected life span, even in the case of low maintenance metal roofing.

Metal roofing systems can also be affected prematurely by rust, severe fires and a faulty restoration or installation job. If any of these have led to damage, and if your roof simply can’t recover despite the efforts of a professional roofer trying to fix it, then you definitely need to think about having it replaced.