How Soon After a Hail Storm Should a Roof Inspection Be Done?

Once your roof is hit by a hail storm, it’s important to consider what the damage is as soon as possible. Failing to address the problem will usually mean that the next big storm will affect your roof even more, and in the end, aside from the repair work you need to do on the roof, you’ll also be forced to deal with property damage caused by rainwater that made it into your home as well.

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After a hail storm passes, the main issue with performing a roof inspection is that you might find it difficult to actually hire a free roofer for the job (since that’s when the demand is highest), and that the roof will still be wet for a while, even if the sun comes out. As a result, experts advise that you avoid going up to your roof, while the surface of the roof, the ladder you’re using and the ground in front of your house is still wet.

The best time for a roof inspection is typically a few hours after the storm has passed, or whenever it’s safe to inspect the roof without running the risk of slipping on wet surfaces. Make sure you hire a storm damage Tyler TX roofer with proven experience in spotting hidden hail damage. They’ll also be able to take special safety precautions such as using specific gear and a sturdy harness that will further protect them from the risk of slipping and falling.