How to Know If Your Roof Replacement Estimate Is Fair

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Getting a roof estimate for your Austin home seems straightforward, but it can actually bring along many potential difficulties. For one, the amount you’d have to pay upfront might be too large, and that would already be a pretty big red flag that the roofer you want to hire might not be trustworthy. Another is that your roof replacement estimate as a whole might not be fair.

Unfortunately, many homeowners only find out that their estimate isn’t fair long after they have already accepted the roofer to perform the work. By that time, they might have already paid for the project and only later realized that they overpaid. The worst part is that the quality of the workmanship often also turns out to be bad.

To know that your estimate is unfair, you have to compare it with the quotes you’d get from other roofers. Now, it’s not necessary to ask for bids from dozens of roofers. Instead, look for the most trusted and well-known Austin roofers (by checking online reviews and ratings and the BBB website) and ask for a free quote.

Even if you don’t do the work of calculating exactly how much the replacement might cost depending on the size of the roof and the type of material you’ll need (which isn’t always feasible since you might need a unique roof), you can still get the information you need. Getting nearly matching quotes from several roofers and realizing that the company you want to hire gives you an estimate that’s well above what the others ask for, will help you find out that your roof replacement estimate is much too high.