Is EPDM Roofing The Way To Go

epdm roofing Dallas

EPDM synthetic rubber membrane roof sealing systems are designed for flat or slightly sloped roofs of civil, commercial and industrial buildings. They are also suitable for extended green roof systems and / or photovoltaic systems. These materials consist of EPDM rubber membranes and a wide range of accessories that suit all types of roofs and environments, offering unmatched performance in terms of durability.

The special hot vulcanization technique used for gluing EPDM membranes seals the entire roof, regardless its size.

A complete waterproofing system for roofs with EPDM membranes is a great option and brings many benefits. There are no joints, so the risks are kept to an absolute minimum.

EPDM roofing Dallas contractors assert that the synthetic rubber membranes have excellent properties and withstand UV rays and any weather conditions. They come as glued or mechanically fastened systems, without the need for additional roof protection. EPDM synthetic rubber is very elastic, wear-resistant, ice-resistant and withstands temperatures down to -45 ° C.

Just like any type of roofing material, the quality of EPDM roofing and its performance in the long run also depends on its quality of installation. An improper installation will create premature damage and require money for expensive (and most likely frequent) repairs.