Is Slate Roofing Better Than Tile Roofing

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Both roofing options are great.

Malleable rocks, with a special appearance, slates are the top natural stones preferred by architects and builders, due to their special structure. With slate or any other type of shale, the most diverse surfaces can be covered vertically and horizontally.

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Slate was once widely used to cover houses. Today, cheaper materials are preferred, a natural stone roof being more expensive. But slate roofs provide an appearance of solidity and comfort to a house. Not only the personality it offers to the construction, but also the insulation qualities and resistance to fire or weather make the slate to be preferred by those who own (or are in the process of building) pretentious, stylish houses. The installation of such a roof is complex and must be done by teams of professionals who are experienced in working with this roofing material, because the installation technique is special. Also, given the weight of a slate roof, slate roofing Dallas installers suggest that it is necessary to check the resistance structure and strengthen it if necessary.

Such a roof can last over 100 years, being an investment for several generations.

On the other hand, tile roofing is another distinctive material, highly durable, beautiful and sustainable, exceptionally resistant to the elements as well as to insect damage, which is expected to last for a lifetime. Clay and concrete roof tile have superior aesthetics and can match any architectural style.